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Ocean's Team Includes a Generator Expert!

When it comes to auxiliary backup power, our staff has the EXTENSIVE experience and education, that enables us to commit to a proper installation and dependable, ongoing care for your generator system, large or small. Our passionate knowledge of generators, is top notch... and from the inside out!


For All Your Sales Services & Rental Needs

Peace of mind: Often, people purchase generators almost like insurance polices or for a piece of mind. For example, some homeowners tell us that they want something to keep the house from freezing up in the winter and for keeping their food fresh in the summer. We offer everything from a “Basic Unit” to a "Whole House System", such that would mimic LIPA Utility Power.

Sales of residential generators include both air and liquid cooled automatic generators. These generators are self contained in a stylish steel and in some cases aluminum enclosures.

  • Air cooled models range from 7 KW – 18 KW
  • Liquid cooled models range from 18 KW – 45 KW


Standard service: We service what we sell and also service some select generators that have been surveyed and found to be maintainable to our standards.

Emergency service: If we sold it and it doesn't run, we come out 24/7/365 on an emergency call. In most cases it can be repaired on site at the time of the fault. We carry in-stock field repair parts for everything we sell.


Preventative service: A “Preventative Maintenance Agreement” or PMA is customized to the generator sold. The cost starts low for a 7 – 10 KW unit and goes up from there as the size increases. We offer a three year “Agreement,” not a contract, which is paid up front and billed automatically on the signing anniversary date each year.


Mobile power solution: We have a Triton 50KW diesel generator which is “Whisper Quiet” when running and is mobile on a self contained trailer. This unit can supply 200 amps @ 120/240 volt single phase (house power), 208 and 480 3-phase through a selector switch.

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